Billy Mullaney

Billy Mullaney

This solo excerpts a verbatim grad-level relativistic quantum mechanics lecture. I memorized several lectures from the MIT course Relativistic Quantum Field Theory I (hence title SEMESTER) word-for-word and equation-for-equation.

Despite the virtuosity of the delivery, I have no idea what I’m saying: Working as a high school mathematics instructor for five years, I was alternatingly fascinated and horrified by testing methods there, and by extension the ways of teaching that would produce passing results. I frequently considered my instruction “choreographic”, spatial–following “steps” to achieve an outcome: “They might as well be learning quantum mechanics” I would muse to myself.

If embodied performance generally and dance specifically can index a regime of discipline on the body–through compliant bodies’ surrender to outside forces–SEMESTER proposes a choreographic mode of knowledge and its performance, devaluing conventional hallmarks of expertise and mastery.

Theatervoorstelling is in het Engels.

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