Moulsari Jain

Moulsari Jain

How to stop time

Our generation is addicted to speed. But can we master how to stop time instead? Maybe we could finally fit in all the things we want to do, or even do nothing at all.

Artist & entrepreneur, Moulsari Jain, has experienced everything from living around the world, succeeding at her creative business, failing at relationships, meditating in 1000 hours of silence and surviving intense depression & anxiety. Throughout, she asks the question: How can we be the best version of ourselves, and still survive the speed of life in 2018? Should we speed up to succeed, or learn to fail slowly?

With all her experiments and experiences in hand, Moulsari invites you to try for yourself how to stop time, and win the game of life.1715 – 1630 – 1715 Plein